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About Enblue

Enblue Technology develops innovative products and accessories within the consumer electronic industry and has offices in the USA and Germany.

We love minimal design and put ourselves deep into the user position to develop aestetic and functional products of premium quality. Design of our products is made in the US and Germany and we collaborate as well with top designers around the world

Established in 2014. In 2015 we launched  the Premium One series, the first full line of charging  docks for the new Apple Watch and did a very successful kickstarter.

Our products got reviewed by several large magazines. Jerry Horowitz, senior editor of the renowned 9TO5Mac magazine wrote:

"I’m not a fan of hyperbole, nor am I the type of reviewer who long ago ran out of new synonyms for the word “great.” In fact, I could count the number of truly stellar products I’ve tested in the past year on one or two hands. So when I say that Enblue Technology’s new Premium One W3 ($135, also sold in $65 W1 and $115 W2 forms) is the best stand I’ve yet seen for the Apple Watch, and quite possibly the best multi-Apple device stand I’ve ever tested, that isn’t idle gushing -I’m genuinely thrilled that Enblue figured out how to include so many user-requested features in such nice packages"


Our mission is simple: To make a difference and get our customers  the best product experience possible 

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