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EVOLUS 3 Qi - the docking station with wireless charging for the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Cool Silver
Magic Black


Meet EVOLUS 3 Qi, the first docking station with wireless charging for iPhone 8 and iPhone X, iPad, Apple Watch 1,2 and 3

Apple just opened the wireless charging Qi standard to their new devices and ENBLUE proudly presents the new EVOLUS 3 Qi. Now you can charge your new iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X wireless with maximum 7.5 Watts.  We know that many of you use their dock on a night stand, or need to see any upcoming messages on the phone while charging. Therefore we developed an upright solution for the wireless section, 3-Coil technology, flexible to different phone sizes and always ready to charge. Night stand mode for the Apple Watch is already a must have for most of our customers.

And for those of you who already purchased an EVOLUS 3, we developed an Upgrade Kit, turns your EVOLUS 3 into an EVOLUS 3 Qi in minutes. No need to buy a new dock. This is the advantage of our modular concept, always designing our products to be upgradable.

Have a look at the advantages EVOLUS Qi provides. You could as well buy another wireless module and turn your iPad section into a wireless charging point for placing another iPhone. The iPad can still be charged through  the external USB port on the side. Or you buy another Apple watch module to charge two watches. Or just place your AirPods in the back 

Endless possibilities


EVOLUS 3 Qi Features

  • Large base, more space in-between devices, making docking more convenient 
  • iPad Pro compatible 
  • Works with  iPhones 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X , all iPad`s with lightning adapter, Air, Mini und Pro, all Apple Watch models, Apple Watch Series 1,2 and 3
  • Wireless charger module Qi certified
  • Integrated intelligent charger, provides sufficient power and fast charging to your devices, in total 1x Qi (up to 7.5 watts when IOS updated by Apple) 2x 2.4A and 1x 1.5A (Apple Watch) 
  • External USB slot (2.4A output) to charge an extra device, power bank, wireless headphone, your partner's phone or even the new Apple EarPods
  • Only one cable coming out of the unit, no other visible cables, clean and minimal design
  • MFI Lightning Adapter for the iPad section included 
  • Convenient lightning adapter height adjustment - just turn the little stainless wheel and leave your cases on (otter box ok, no cases with back flap e.g. Life Proof) . Adapter height can be adjusted 7mm -patent pending
  • Night Stand and Touch4Time mode (Touch4Time works on most Apple Watch models)
  • Easy one-hand operation, supported by micro suction tape at bottom
  • Easy adaption of your Apple Watch charging cable (not included) from top - no need to disassemble or move the whole base
  • The best for our traveller's, you can take the complete Apple Watch module with you - a very unique feature. Virtually, you got an additional dock within the dock and you don't have to remove your charging cable. The EVOLUS Travel for the Apple Watch will even fit your genuine lightning cable which turns EVOLUS Travel into a Dual Dock when traveling
  • Dimensions of dock base 210x150x20mm (8 17/64 x 5 29/32 x 25/32in) , weight 1.2KG (2.65 lbs)

Optional Acrylic Pencil Holder and Travel Kit
Available in Cool Silver or Magic Black, with Soft Silicone 
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Here is a short video from our wireless charging testing with prototypes and the iPhone 8



What our customers say

Ryan, Enblue customer, June 21st, 2017

"I received the Evolus 3 about a week ago and just wanted to give you some feedback.

First of all, this thing is fantastic! The quality of materials is great (it feels very substantial) and the design is well thought out. I love that the internal power supply handles all charging, that I don’t need to run my own lightning cables through the unit (except for the watch charger, but that’s well hidden). It’s just very aesthetically pleasing and works great."

Andrew Moreno, TheTechSpyNET:

"I received the designs and have to say the EVOLUS is awesome. What a great update to your existing dock. Quite frequently we say people's follow up products as not being very good but you certainly have put that to bed. I love the fact you still keep all three products together but incorporate the side USB and the removable Apple Watch dock which I especially would use"

You will love this docking station!







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